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To be a planeteer meant to champion the planet in every way possible including the hiring of landscaping services that will protect and conserve the resources within the ecosystem. To protect Earth against all evils that intend to harm it. Such was the idea behind an animated television series that perfectly captured environmentalism which was the movement heightened during those years.


Much literature was published and conventions from local, national, to the international levels were conducted for the purpose of determining the extent of global degradation, their causes, and designing programs and strategies to mitigate if not totally eliminate those causes. It was in this setting that Captain Planet and the Planeteers was conceptualized and made into a successful and effective television series in informing the public about the dangers of polluting the environment and depleting the forests. Likewise, it motivates people to take immediate action in order to prevent Earth’s degradation. Although children and the young were the targeted audiences, it can’t help but resound to the adults who pay particular attention to what their children were watching during those years.


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Captain Planet and the Planeteers


It was a television series about an American animated environmentalist SuperHero called Captain Planet. He appeared every time 5 carefully selected planeteers summoned him by means of combining together 5 of their rings, each given by Gaia, the spirit protector of Mother Earth. He is called forth every time they could not eliminate or neutralize the villain. The five planeteers were each chosen from five continents, each given the power of control over each of the four elements- earth, fire, wind, and water. The heart was given to complete the five, the absence of any one of them, will not summon the appearance of Captain Planet.


Gaia, in the series, awakened after sleeping during the entire 20th Century, only to see a very polluted Earth. Normally, an intangible spirit, she appeared with a physical body when confronted with very troubling issues. This puts her in grave danger. Only the combined forces of the planeteers and Captain Planet made her regain her strength and spirit form. The series went on the broadcast from September 15, 1990, to December 5, 1992. That was the period when the United Nations established the Millennium Development Goals. It outlasted the television series, nevertheless, it was a good introduction to the public on the importance of environmental sustainability.


Lawn mowing services providers as planeteers


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Most providers of landscaping and lawn mowing services include mowing all grasses, trimming and pruning of hedges, lawn aeration and irrigation, mulching, fertilizing, spring/fall yard cleanup, line trimming around landscape borders or fences, etc. All services are guaranteed to facilitate nutrient cycling and continued interaction between and among the diverse species in the ecosystem. This improves the carrying capacity of the landscape. Greater emphasis on the use of eco-friendly products further ensure stability and sustainability in the environment. If everyone and those involved in landscaping and lawn care services will become planeteers in their own way, it would, indeed, be a big contribution to global sustainability.